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    by Sea Section

    This page is HOME for all things “Sea” at Tides of War.

    Games, Flotilla, Training and all things related to naval combat.

    Please use the By Sea Menu to easily move about our
    Sea Combat Section.

    Sea Marshal: Jester Jester



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    UBOAT - EArly Release on Steam

    Game: All Sea
    Deep Water Studios have opened the early release of their new simulator - UBOAT.  
    Currently this is at a 20% discount making it excellent value.  
    It is probably one of the most realistic submarine simulations including outstanding damage model and simulation of crew welfare.  All will affect the outcome of skirmishes and battles.  Managing the crew, as their captain becomes key in ensuring overall survival whilst wrecking enemy convoys. 
    See UBOAT on STEAM for more information.  
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