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  • Tides of War is a Gaming Community and Club,

    not a clan site.


    Tides of War (ToW) is a non-profit gaming community site catering mostly to online interactive multi-play gamers. Guys and Dolls who like to play war games online, interactively. We call ourselves "gamers" :)
    Tides of War does not cover every war game produced, but those online war games our Club Members are interested in and play, mostly multi-play games.
    Tides hosts web sites for clans, task forces, battle groups, virtual fighting groups of all kinds, we define them all as "Clubs" and/or "Groups"'.
    Any Fighting Group that meets certain requirements is considered for hosting. Please se  our "Battle Groups" pages for more detail.
    Our registered ToW Community Members are all treated as "Tidal Club Members" and/or "Citizens" thus giving all members status with Tides of War.
    The individual Clubs and Battle  Groups Tides hosts are considered "Tidal Members", these Clubs/Groups are independent virtual fighting groups that sometimes fly the [ToW] Tag when not in matches or playing with other Tidal Members on Tidal Servers. [ToW] is not a clan, just a secret hand shake to identify with other Tidal Members when outside their ToW Club activates. ToW is a Club at Tides of War.
    All the questions and problems that gamers have, we try and resolve and address, from computer gaming tech help to computer gaming accessories and components.

    Members helping members, the Tidal Community way!

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