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  • ToW - Contributors & Credits

    Tides of War Gives Credits where credits are due.


    Tides of War is most grateful and thankful to the people and organizations who made our community possible.

    We would like to give credits to those to show our appreciation

    The success of Tides of War is due to those dedicated, committed, and loyal members who put untold hours and efforts into making all this possible.

    Thank you! Special Thanks to "Red Tide" from which the concept of Tides of War was born.

    To the Founders of Tides of War, we are forever in your debt.

    • Todd "Tbar" Markham
    • Grant "Pioneer" Madden Retired
    • Phil "Buxton" Dempster


    TowNet Staff, for every thing that goes on "back stage" so the show can go on, we salute you!

    Their efforts are hardly ever noticed, but whose efforts we depend on day to day to keep the cogs greased and the wheels turning.

    These folks keep the gates of Tides of War open to our members.

    • Todd "Tbar" Markham
    • "PcDoc"
    • Grant "Pioneer" Madden Retired
    • Phil "Buxton" Dempster
    • Jesper "Jesper"
    • Jerry "Gosling"
    • Joshua "Erich" Jones


    ToW Staff, We can't thank our Staff enough for what they do (they do it all).

    These are the "grunts" of Tides of War who man their stations dutifully.

    It takes a dedicated staff to keep the press's rolling, the forums and communications moderated, game administration, site maintenance and content contributions, and assisting members.

    ToW Staff, our most valuable asset, our deepest appreciation and sincerest of thanks.

    • Jerry "Gosling" - Tides Air Marshal. Responsible for the Tides "by Air" sections.
    • Grant "Pioneer" - Tides General. Responsible for the Tides "by Land" sections. Retired
    • Todd "Duke Tbar" - Tides Admiral. Responsible for the Tides "by Space" sections.
    • Todd "Sir Tbar" - Tides Wizard. Responsible for the "Fantasy" sections.
    • Phil "Buxton" - Tides Wizard. Responsible for Tides World of Warcraft sections
    • Grant "Pioneer" - Tides Admiral. Responsible for the Tides "by Sea" sections. Retired
    • Grant "Pioneer" - Tides Publications Editor - "At the Helm" Retired
    • Brian "Darkfox" - Tides Lead Game Ops. Responsible for Team Speak and Game Servers Retired
    • Joshua "Erich" Jones - Tides Marketing and Sales


    Organizations that have supported and/or contributed to our efforts at Tides of War.

    • Tesseraction Games Inc - Enigma: Rising Tide
    • Air Attack Club, UK
    • Rat Patrol Radio


    Contractors that deserve recognition for their efforts and contributions.

    • Tracy - TowNet Consultant and Contractor. No further info by request
    • Jms1 - Tides Mail, Consultant and Contractor. No further info by request
    • The Skinnery - www.theskinnery.com
      the_skinnery.gif Our First Skinning Company - All the beautiful skins used in past years for Tides of War came from this source.
      Staff members FPC and Larry went out of their way to provide the best at the most reasonable pricing.
    • IBTheme - www.ibtheme.com/ Our Second Skinning Company. Unfortunately The Skinnery shut down and we were fortunate to find another great Skinning Company. Sherri, PeteT and staff are all great to work with and provide professional and stunning products. 


    Other people that deserve recognition for their efforts and contributions.

    • Tom "Mojo" Retired Tides Air Marshall. Retired
    • "Argon" - Misc. Member services, testing, etc. Retired
    • "Iceman" - Graphics for the web. Retired
    • TreeTom - The "best" of our graphics especially our Tides of War Seals Retired




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